About Us

VULE AIRWAYS is a privately-owned Ugandan registered airline, whose objective is to fill the vacuum in the Ugandan air transport sector created by the lack of a national airline that serves both domestic and international passenger and cargo services. VULE AIRWAYS will provide employment opportunities to the aviation fraternity, especially youth in Uganda, and as well as generate revenue for the government through the Civil Aviation Authority dues paid for the licensing and inspection of the enterprise, personnel and aircrafts, air navigation services, aerodrome operations (parking, landing, lighting, office rent, passenger service charge and security charge), and also taxes like VAT, PAYE to Uganda Revenue Authority among others.

The airline is expected to form partnerships with thriving regional and international airlines in order to provide quality air transport services, training of aviators, and development of the aerospace industry. Only through intrigue-free business co-operation within the airline industry, can a successful airline be established and thrive.

The establishment of VULE AIRWAYS is meant to change the mindset deeply rooted in the travelling public of the East African region that no Ugandan managed airline can thrive in the air transport industry.

To accomplish and achieve this goal, Ugandan youth must be encouraged to love, be involved in aviation and thus, educated and empowered with skills that promote and support the aviation industry. In the interim while the local capacity is being built, VULE AIRWAYS shall make use of the existing aviation expertise in the region and also through both wet and damp lease Agreements.  Over time, as the local indigenous aviators master the skills, VULE AIRWAYS will professionally phase out the veteran aviation experts.

VULE Airways

VULE AIRWAYS is to be operated as a budget airline, first building the regional routes, and lastly embarking on the international routes. That way, VULE AIRWAYS is expected to evolve from a domestic and regional airline into a domestic and long haul airline covering all the continents of the world, as the efficient and professional financial management by the Board of Directors may deem fit.

Why the name VULE?

There is a well-known indigenous tree in Uganda commonly locally known as Muvule or mahogany in English, whose timber is famous for its strength and beauty. There is also a breed of the ever-hottest men on earth called Vule, who are known to have come from Bosnia eons ago. The founder opted for VULE AIRWAYS – deriving from Muvule tree and the Vules of Bosnia, because he wants an airline that will be locally based, beautiful, strong and hot in all circumstances.